Welcome fishing lack of Saussaie

Welcome fishing lack of Saussaie

We offer a privately owned and run carp fishery set in the Lorraine region of France located less than 320 miles from Calais and can be reached in approximately 4h30 hours.The lake was excavated over 60 years ago, covers 56,83 acres,relaxing and comfortable fishing environment for all like-minded carp anglers.Ideal setting for fishing including the islands, water lilies, shallow, submerged trees etc ....     Lake is located 10 minutes from all shops ( supert market , fishing shop ...)

 To retain exclusivity we offer 16 places per week to ensure anglers freedom of movement. All of the lake is within easy casting range and is well suited to English tackle and methods.Beautiful commons, magical mirrors and great hospitality awaits you.The lake will make you unforgettable moments with numerous carp and specimens exceeding 48.50 lbs and his koi over 23lbs. The record common carp of 60 lbs in mirror carp and koi 55.11 lbs 29.76 lbs. Boat , zodiac bait boat and primer allowed . It is possible to rent boat we have 3 boats in the lake .

For information and reservations contact

arnaud caseaux

phone 07 62 52 24 24

adress : 38 grande rue

            54850 Méréville


mail : arnaudcaseaux@hotmail.fr